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Installation of ICONA

The following has been tested on ICONA version 1.9.0 and 1.9.2

ICONA is part of onos-sample-apps. In addition to the core ONOS system and applications, the ONOS project has created sample applications (“ONOS Sample Apps”) which provide additional features and can also serve as instructional code or as something that you can extend and modify into a full-featured application.

ONOS sample apps repo :

git clone
cd /opt/onos-app-samples/icona
mvn compile #compile and check potential errors
mvn install #install .oar files
find -name *.oar #find the oar files generated

Copy the *.oar files generated on your local machine and go to ONOS GUI>Applications>Upload and upload them.

NB: You might need to restart ONOS before doing that.

In karaf CLI:

apps -s | grep icona

should give

  157 org.onosproject.icona.domainmgr      1.9.0.SNAPSHOT Inter Cluster Onos Network App
  158 org.onosproject.icona.domainprovider 1.9.0.SNAPSHOT Inter Cluster Onos Network App/provider
app activate org.onosproject.icona.domainmgr
app activate org.onosproject.icona.domainprovider 

Communication between controllers through Southbound API

TODO : Explain why you should prefer one protocol to another


BGP-LS is a plugin used as a provider on ONOS.

Enable BPG-LS plugin:

app activate org.onosproject.bgp

Check BGP configuration:

 curl -u "onos:password" -X GET



How it works

For Inter-Cluster Communications, ICONA uses LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol). It announces every Inter-Cluster Link to all of its cluster by adding the following metrics :

  • link delay
  • brandwidth
  • number of flows crossing the link

Each cluster shares info about End Point (EP) regarding link delay, brandwidth, …

ICONA is composed of two parted:

  • ICONA domain manager
  • ICONA domain provider


Use case


ONOS cluster are not just a concept. They are implemented and means joining two controllers together.

To create a cluster of two machines

/opt/onos/onos-form-cluster $IP1 $IP2


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